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When you have found a vehicle going to auction or have an idea of the vehicle it is that you seek, we can make arrangements to source the vehicle from an auction house and secure it for our client's at the cheapest prices.

If the auction price surpasses your maximum bid amount we shall contact you immediately if there is a chance it will sell for near that price.

The Auction Car Cost and the Export fees + Agent commission fee together make up the final price. This is the cost of the car on the ship as it sails from the UK port bound for Nigeria. We will also give you a guide to the total cost landed and released to you in Nigeria including Nigerian Port Fees.

Our agent will inspect the car Hands-On and check that it matches the auction report.

Before the sale we will take up to 10 Large High Resolution photos and email them directly to you. While you are looking at the photos we will call you directly and go over the inspection with you.

Should your bid be successful and secure the vehicle, it will then be transported to have a valet (at owners consent) and we can even get the car serviced for you (extra charge). We aim that you will know the condition and background history of the vehicle well before we request payment..

Once your car has been purchased at either auction or from a private seller, the export process can now begin. The vehicle will be transported from the auction to the bonded yard at the port.


Working for you on a fixed commission of £490.00 exc VAT.

An Auction Bid Deposit of 60% of highest bid or 60% of the total cost of car must be put in place before any bids or purchase is made.

The Deposit demonstrates intention to complete the purchase once a vehicle is secured

If we can’t supply the vehicle you require we will Refund the Deposit in full.

You remain in full control of the purchase process at all times.

However once a vehicle has been secured, Strictly Under Your Instruction

The Deposit becomes committed to the purchase and is No Longer Refundable.

After agreeing the Terms and Conditions and completing the purchase order,

you will receive your copy of the Agency Appointment form by email.

By completing the Purchase Order, you appoint NaijaShipping as your Purchasing Agent


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