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Freight Documentation

The documents required for freight shipments varies, depending on whether you are shipping via air or sea.

Air Waybill (Air Freight)

An airwaybill is required for all air freight shipments. This is the most important document, as it contains vital information including sender and delivery addresses. A copy is usually attached to every seperate piece in your consignment.

    Shipping Label (Sea Freight)

A shipping label must be attached to all sea freight consignments. It contains important information about your shipment including sender and delivery addresses.

Bill Of Lading (Sea Freight)

A Bill Of Lading is required only for sea freight shipments. It entitles a named party to receive the shipped goods at the destination port.

We prepare Bills Of Ladings for you once the vessel has departed, we send Bills Of Lading’s to client ‘s who have opted to clear their own goods.

Packing List (Customs Invoice)

A packing list/customs invoice is a document that details the contents and value of your goods for customs purposes. ALL shipments must be accompanied by a packing list. We can prepare these for you if required.

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